Mary Beth O’Hanlon


President O’Hanlon was appointed by the Board in November of 2017 to serve the remaining term of a vacated Board Position and then was elected in May of 2018 for a 4 year term.

Ms. O’Hanlon has more than 30 years of experience administering large projects and staff while working for the State of Texas. In addition, she has over a decade of experience in the private sector as a consultant.  A considerable amount of her career has been spent implementing Information Technology programs designed to improve the efficiency of various operations and Agencies.

Ms. O’Hanlon is a graduate of the University of Texas and has a Master Degree in Public Administration.

Ms. O’Hanlon chose to serve on the Board to apply her abilities and experience to ensure that all property owners are served by a viable water and wastewater system as well as the desire to provide safe and effective roads throughout the Village.

Butch Carmack

Vice President

Butch is a native Texan that has lived in Tahitian Village for 13 years. He has been a business owner in Bastrop since 2003. He moved to Bastrop from the piney woods of NE Texas. Butch is committed to seeing our neighborhood thrive for many years to come.

He wants to protect the beauty of our neighborhood as well as protect the resources that belong to our neighborhood and the people that live here. When outsiders come and visit, almost every time they leave saying what a great neighborhood and what great neighbors we have here. Butch fully intends on keeping it that way.


Samuel Kier


Sam joined the Board in 2014. He moved to Tahitian Village a decade ago. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University. He spent nearly 40 years in corporate accounting and business development positions. Thirty of those years were with IBM where he administered financial activities for a company with 125,000 employees.

Sam’s desire to serve on the Board is due to his affection for the Village and an interest to improve the area served by BCWCID #2.   Sam is also a member of the Economic Development Committee.  His corporate experience and financial acumen have helped the District advance operational efficiencies, as well as improve the long and short term financial management.


Karen Pinard

Board Member

Karen Pinard joined the Board as a Director in 2012. She is now beginning her second term of service on the Board.

Ms. Pinard has been a resident of Tahitian Village for 33 years, For 14 of those years, she served as the General manager for Bastrop County Water Control and Improvement District #2. She has continued to serve the District via Board membership as a means of helping her neighbors. Ms. Pinard believes that everyone should strive to give back to their community in some capacity, and that it’s never too late to serve.


Scott Ferguson


 Scott Ferguson joined the Board in August of 2018 to fulfill the remaining term of a vacated Board Position.

Scott has 27 yrs of Commercial Plumbing and management experience, specializing in high rise, new construction projects. In his job as Project Manager,  he oversees the construction of large scale water and wastewater systems. He works closely with engineers, developers, contractors, city and county officials.

Scott chose to serve on the Board because he believes the decisions being made NOW, with water, wastewater and the roads will have a TREMENDOUS impact on the future of our community.

Scott feels if we want to see positive change, we must be involved.  He firmly believes in transparency and inclusiveness. He feels that the ticket to our success is NOT to focus on the past, but rather, move forward so that we can create a safe and healthy community for our families and friends.