Service Line Ownership and Responsibility

A water main is a large pipe usually located under the road’s edge. The service line is connected to the main and carries water from the main through the meter to a building (home or business. The water main is owned and maintained by Bastrop County Water District (District). Ownership and responsibility for the service is line is divided in two:

  1. The District owns and is responsible for the service line from the water main to and including the meter box. Any repairs or maintenance on this section of the service line is the responsibility of the District. The District also owns and is responsible for the meter itself.
  2. The portion of the service line, from the point of connection to the meter box and after, is owned and is the responsibility of the property owner.

The District is not permitted to work on any portion of the service line owned by the customer.

Repairs made to the property owner’s portion of the service line can be made using materials and craftsmanship as decided by the homeowner. The District strongly advises that repairs be made using only materials approved for use in a potable water supply and that they be made by an individual with experience in potable water system work. If a shut off valve is not already installed at or near the building this would be a good time to do so.